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Remote field inspection (RFT) for internal defects detection

Based on eddy current method, Remote field testing inspection (RFT) is primally used to inspect ferromagnetic tubing since conventional eddy current techniques have difficulty inspecting the full thickness of the tube wall due to the strong skin effect in ferromagnetic materials.


EDDY CURRENT TUBE BUNDLE SPECIMENS FOR PCN CLASSIFICATION Tubes in each bundle is 13 No’s, For training 6 bundle’s, For examinations 12 bundle’s, total 18 bundles 3 No’s Cupro-Nickel bundles for training 3 No’s Aluminum Brass bundles for training 6 No’s Cupro-Nickel bundles for examinations 6No’s Aluminum Brass bundles for examinations Materials: 1.

Seamless steel pipe eddy current testing and magnetic flux

Seamless steel pipe eddy current testing and magnetic flux leakage testing comparison. With the development of the national economy, all kinds of seamless steel pipes are widely used in petrochemical, boiler manufacturing industry, especially the harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, seamless steel pipe quality higher requirements.

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Remote Field Eddy Current (RFEC) Testing Very similar to eddy current testing, this technology is specifically designed to evaluate ferrous materials. This method is well suited to conveniently evaluate the wall loss or condition of inaccessible carbon steel boiler generating bank tubes, fire tube boiler bundles, and feed water heater tubes with consistently repeatable accuracy.

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High quality eddy current testing solutions for complete inspections. Zetec is the industry leader for cost-effective eddy current testing (ECT) in complex applications. We have the most extensive experience, and we develop the highest quality ECT inspection products.

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Twisted Tube Inspection Services. The inspection of shell-and-tube heat exchangers is commonly performed with eddy current testing (EC), which can be used on non-magnetic (non-ferrous) and slightly magnetic alloys that are conductive.

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Understanding ID Eddy-Current Inspection of Heat Exchanger Tubing

May 01, 2017 · Eddy-current testing, as a practical means for tube inspection, has been available in the U.S. since the 1950s. According to the Heat Exchanger Institute, ECT is the standard NDT inspection technique for tubing and is included in the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code.

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Eddy Current Testing of Tubes. Eddy current testing is a non-destructive testing method widely used to examine tubing in heat exchangers, steam generators, condensers, air coolers and feedwater heaters.

Boiler Feedwater System Pinholes Found with Eddy Current

This condenser contained 15,000 Stainless Steel tubes with tube lengths of 51’. An eddy current test needed to be performed on the entire unit, however, the outage was short, and there was not enough time for a 100% inspection. The Solution: TesTex utilized its Ultra Hi-Speed Eddy Current Inspection System for this inspection.

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We have capability and capacity to ensure boiler tube in superior condition, with advanced inspection and testing procedures, standard tests include dimensional examination, visual checking, chemical composition, mechanical properties as well as non destructive test, 100% eddy current test.

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Eddy current testing is a non-destructive testing method widely used to examine tubing in heat exchangers, steam generators, condensers, air coolers and feedwater heaters. Eddy current testing of tubes is an effective way of assessing the condition and lifespan of tubes, particularly in the power generation, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer and air conditioning industries.

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Thus, as long as eddy current testing process the right way, for the thin-walled steel pipe, it is a variety of defects can be detected in the presence of metal section thickness, it can be said that the steel pipe eddy current testing is also a dense material test, and hydrostatic testing of steel tubes equivalence.

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As part of an overall asset management strategy many clients prefer to use advanced non-destructive examination services. ProTech offers innovative testing solutions using the latest technology to identify anomalies, analyze their characteristics and aid plant personnel in operating decisions regarding the component or equipment.

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The eddy current inspection of the condenser tubes and subsequent plugging of damaged tubes reduced contaminants in the boiler water. The chemical clean removed ID deposits in the tubes. The plant carefully observed the water chemistry.


Calibration Standards for tube inspectionsOur experience in dealing with all simulated flaws from EDMs notches to thinning and expansions puts us in a unique position to recommend procedures and implement standards that increase your probability of detection during inspection of plants worldwide.A large list of tubing as per ASME standards are available.

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Differential coil configurations  consist of two narrow wound coils which produce an eddy current flow around the circumference of the tube in a narrow path. This results in a high resolution detection for small pits and inclusions.

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Saturation Eddy Current is a non-destructive testing technique that is used by TCR Arabia on thin ferromagnetic materials like CS, Duplex or on materials that are only slightly magnetic like Monel Nickel Copper alloys to detect and quantify internal/external Cracks, Local defects as well as overall wall-loss in ferromagnetic tubes of boilers, feed water heaters, air coolers, and carbon steel heat exchangers.

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Eddy Current Instrument for Testing Tube, Bar, & Wire Operates with encircling, sector, or rotary test sensors. Up to eight test channels, null or absolute, can be used in any combination.

Thickness evaluation of thermal spraying on boiler tubes by

Thickness evaluation of thermal spraying on boiler tubes by eddy current testing Conference Paper in International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 39(1):419-425 · January 2012

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Applied Technical Services, Inc. is a leader among boiler inspection companies. We have designed our boiler inspection services to meet your unique business needs – regardless of what those needs happen to be. We can inspect many different types of industrial boilers including coal, gas, recovery, bark, biomass, alternative fuel and more.

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Heat Exchanger & Boiler Tube Inspection With a proven track record in the Oil & Gas industry, Innospection has extensive experience and expertise in the onshore and offshore tube inspection and inspection shutdown management.

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3. Test instrumentation, systems and software packages could be very expensive. 4. Requires high inspection skills for data analysis and evaluation. 5. Pin holes are difficult to detect and evaluate. 6. Discontinuities adjacent to end sheets are difficult to detect. 7. Tubes must be cleaned. Remote field eddy current examination method Principles

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Eddy current testing is most commonly used for tubing inspection in the power generation and oil and gas industries. It is also effective for crack detection (especially in the aerospace industry) and conductivity measurements for material identification and material sorting.

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For OEMs, we can eddy test your heat exchangers at the factory prior to shipping. Our baseline testing will ensure that your products are free of manufacturing defects and will perform at their peak. Our Eddy Current Inspection analysts are highly experienced and can evaluate 1,200 to 1,600 tubes a day, depending on their length.

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Phoenix Services provides eddy current testing on all of your Nonferromagnetic tubing in any heat exchanger you may have. Our experience in different materials such as Monel 400, also allows us to accurately test materials that others companies may overlook. We can test them reliably and accurately with proven results.

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Eddy current testing is commonly used to inspect non-ferromagnetic tubes, RFT and MFL are used to inspect carbon steel and other ferromagnetic tubes, while IRIS ultrasonic testing is perfect for metal loss measurements on both types of tubes.

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Boiler Tube Early Leak Detection Monitoring. MISTRAS’ Acoustic Monitoring System (AMS™) is an industry-proven acoustic emission monitoring standard to detect boiler tube leaks earlier than traditional methods in pressurized vessels such as gas-fired power boilers, recovery boilers, and feedwater heaters.

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For confined inspections, as with heat exchanger tubing, simple eddy current testing is likely the chosen method to identify internal pitting. Destructive testing also is occasionally required. When water chemistry is suspected of influencing failures or boiler chemical cleaning may be required, furnace tube samples should be extracted for deposit analysis.

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Apr 28, 2019 · The plug-in coil is also called the internal probe and is placed inside the tube and in the hole for internal wall detection. Eddy current testing is applicable to workpieces made of conductive materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals, and graphite. It is not suitable for non-conductive materials such as glass and synthetic resins.

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Tube and wire testing. Automated eddy current test systems have been developed for inspecting tube, bar and wire at speeds up to 3 m/s. Once the operator has calibrated the instrument using a tube or wire with known flaws, the test installation runs automatically, ejecting defective pieces from the production line or marking them with paint.

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Eddy Current Testing (ET) is a nondestructive test technique based on inducing electrical currents in the material being inspected and observing the interaction between those currents and the material. Eddy currents are generated by electromagnetic coils in the test probe, and monitored

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 Eddy current, Remote Field ET, IRIS, and MFL. The ET & RFT is a high-speed, multi-channel, multi-frequency scanning system with advanced reporting and tube sheet mapping software. The IRIS system is a single channel ultrasonic scanning system with the ability to inspection tubes in a wide range of diameters.

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High pressure boiler tube hardness testing should take into account its mechanical properties, which is related to stainless steel as raw material for the deformation, such as punching, cutting processing performance and quality. Therefore, all of the high-pressure boiler tubes need to conduct mechanical tests.

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The Eddyfi DefHi® ECA probe is a multiplexed eddy current array tubing probe capable of detecting, sizing and positioning circumferential cracks in the vicinity of the tubesheet of non-ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubes.

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4 Effective Methods for Inspecting Carbon Steel Tubing diameter of fire-tube boilers. permeability of carbon steel tubes so that regular eddy current coils

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Mar 11, 2008 · Eddy current testing, a nondestructive testing technique, is suitable for such applications. Testing copper tubes is particularly important because most of them are used for air-conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) applications, heat exchangers, and so on.


· 120° on each fire side are tested; · eddy current penetration into tube wall up to 25mm, · 200-250 inspected tubes per normal work shift (0,3 m/sec); · high repeatibility of the results. The inspection is performed with a pneumatic tube crawler with speed of 0,3m/sec. This translates into an estimated 250

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Tubing inspection is generally limited to non-ferromagnetic tubing and is known as conventional eddy current testing. Conventional ECT is used for inspecting steam generator tubing in nuclear plants and heat exchangers tubing in power and petrochemical industries. The technique is very sensitive to detect and size pits.