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A water column is installed on the boiler for reducing turbulence in the gauge glass so that the boiler operator can take an accurate reading of the water level. The gauge glass acts as a Primary water level indicator. The secondary level indicator is try cocks. Try cocks is a fitting that attached to the gauge glass and the water column.

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Cleaver-Brooks has the Water Column you need to do the job right! With a wide variety of parts for your Water Level Control Cleaver-Brooks can get you the right parts at the right time.

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LEVEL AND FLOW Control Engineers manufacturing and supplying Boiler Gauge Glasses and level gauges. Tubular Type Gauge glasses are assembled with heavy wall thickness glass tubes which can withstand Hydro test Pressure Upto 30 bar and Temp upto 300 deg C.

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inspections in the case of direct reading liquid level gauges in which conventional gauge glass is used. Historically, the properties of glass have been accepted, but there have been recent advances in technology allowing us to create type of glass material that is resistant to alkaline corrosion. BN200 Series Boiler Water Level Gauge

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Tubular Gage Glass & Gauge Glass Accessories | Boiler Supplies. Gauge Glass Squeeze and Pop Cutters Copper Protection Rods for Liquid Level Gauges .

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The Gauge Glass is fitted to your boiler's gauge frame to allow the boiler water level to be seen. This clear glass gauge is 12 in. x 5/8 in. The orifices and glass will develop lime over time and need preventative maintenance cleaning or replacement.

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Tubular Gage Glass, Flat Gage Glass, Sight Glass, Annular Edge Glass, Mica Shields, Gage Glass Washers and Gage Glass Accessories.

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The Diamond Power ® Series II ball check valve and flow restrictor are designed to be used with visual level gauges to prevent excessive discharge from the gauge in case of glass failure. The ball check valve is installed on the lower gauge connection and the flow restrictor orifice is installed on the upper gauge connection.

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This Water Gauge Assembly is designed to fit 11-1/2" center to center devices such as McDonnell & Miller 157 & 193 water columns other sizes available upon request. Features: Reflexed armored liquid level gauge - medium pressure. Back Connection for Vessel Center to Center: 11-1/2" Number of Sections: 1 Section Gauge

Testing gauge glass and water column,Precautions to be taken

(6) Open the steam cock (B) and the water in the glass should fall to the level of the water in the boiler. - If when (5) is reached the water cock is opened and water does not flow up the gauge glass, the water level in the boiler is below the water cock connection to the boiler and it is unsafe to put feed water into the boiler.

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Halmar offers a variety of gaskets necessary to complete the repair of any flat glass liquid level assembly. Gaskets range from Size 1 to Size 9, and are made of high-temperature materials such as Grafoil, Teflon, and Garlock. Halmar also offers Peneberthy, Clark-Reliance and Inferno Flat Glass Gauge assemblies.

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Water gauge glass is a type of level sensor, a transparent tube through which the operator of a boiler can observe the level of liquid contained within.We specialize in designing these valves by using the advanced machines and technology that are timely upgraded according to the latest developments in the market.

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A leading supplier of level gaging products, offers the world’s largest selection of liquid level gage glasses, magnetic level gages, liquid level switches and transmitters. Reliance Boiler Trim. Our extensive offerings include remote level indication and control systems, water gages, water columns, probe type switches and water cut-out devices.

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We stock gaskets kits, electrodes, diffusers, burner housings, refractory tiles, oil nozzles, rear & inner door repair kits, refractory patch, relief valves, and more! The quality of the products shown below are compatible aftermarket replacement parts for Cleaver Brooks boilers.

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These are mechanical devices to observe the level of liquid in vessels. Based on principles of Liquid finding their own levels.UKL manufactures and supplies level gauges as complete assembly with Isolation Drain cocks and vent valves, Safety Ball check arrangement in case of Glass breakage, and original toughened Borosilicate Klinger Glasses and Gaskets.

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Knowing the liquid level of boilers, mixing vats, reservoirs and other vessels is important to ensure effective operation. Gage Glass provides a wide array of tubular liquid level water gauges that allow you to effectively monitor the liquid level of any vessel.

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Sight Tube Assembly. 4 in 1 Tank Sight Glass; Boiler Pressure Gauges. 4" Dial Front Flange (200mm) Klinger Water Level Gauges & Spares.

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Boiler Tubular Level Gauge with Protector Glass Fluidyne Boiler Tubular Level Gauges are assembled with heavy duty heavy wall toughened and tempered borosilicate tubular glasses with glass protector assembly. These Boiler Tubular LevelGauges are used on low pressure boilers.

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Steam Boiler Sight Glass Leaks, Breaks, Repairs or Replacement. Watch out: partly because of crud that develops inside the steam boiler, debris can ultimately occlude the view of water level in the sight glass. Your heating service technician can clean or replace the glass if needed. boiler glass gauge boiler glass gauge. 5/8" Boiler Glass Sight Gauge Water Level Packing Nut Leak 58PN 58BW-12 GGW58-12 / GGW58-100 Repair Kit for Steam. $13.99 $ 13. 99.


GAUGE ASSEMBLIES Armored flat glass gauges are configurable to any practical length either by stacking covers along the length of a single chamber (Series 4300NB) or staggering single section gauges on a bridle (Series 4600 and 4800). Series 4300NB, 4600N and 4800N gauges are frequently furnished as an assembly complete with

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What is a Sight Glass? Put simply, a sight glass is a transparent glass tube or window installed in a tank or boiler system that allows an observer to view what is happening inside the container, ensuring optimal quality and safety. Sight glasses can also serve a number of functions aside from basic viewing, but this is the most common use.

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Jerguson® Boiler Water Gage & Valve Assemblies Jerguson® Tubular Glass Level Gages Jerguson Boiler Water Gages and Valves are rugged, high-quality products constructed of the finest materials.

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Good working drum level gauge glass with illuminator assembly, Boiler drum pressure gauge, safety /relief valves with gags or hydrostatic plugs are removed, CBD, IBD and all drain valves in good working conditions, water level control and associated alarms, cooling water piping and air piping, furnace pressure gauge and Temperature indications

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LEVEL AND FLOW control engineers manufacturing and supplying High Pressure Boiler Gauge Glasses. Transparent type level gauges are assembled with top and bottom in built valves with High Temp resistant Flat Glasses. Glasses are protected with Mica shield for temp resistant and corrosion resistant.

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gauge glass (a transparent device that permits visual determination of the water level). PG-60.1.1: boilers having a maximum allowable working pressure exceeding 400 psi (2800 kPa) shall have two gauge glasses.

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GAUGE. The quality boiler mag gauge assembly complete with Quality boiler gauge assembly is a simple and efficient replacement for the old style water columns. These units are suitable up to 2000 lb steam and can be used as a direct retrofit to an existing unit, or installed on new units to meet all your requirements. Boiler Gauge 300 LB

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We are Manufacturer And Exporter of Glass Level Gauges and other Level Gauges like Reflex, Transparent, Magnetic, Tubular, Float and Board Level Gauges.Glass Level Gauge are used for the Low-pressure tanks and vessels. It is assembled with Top and Bottom two isolating valves with Toughened Borosilicate Glass tube.

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Heat-tretaed flat glass with mica protection makes this EFI Gauge Insert an efficient, boiler water level indicator. Finest quality borosilicate glass of special composition to resist temperature shock is carefully tested for surface trueness and assembled with best quality sheet mica in heavy forged steel housing.

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With a vision to be pioneer in our domain, we are engaged in business of supplying premium quality Boiler Gauge Glass Assembly. It is used to measure liquid level in boiler tank. Our gauge glass has two compartments- top side and bottom side, connected to two different sections of a boiler. In this

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Questtec Solutions is a young company with a long lineage of quality, experience and care. The development and engineering of the liquid level gauge and valve product lines began more than forty years ago. We carry a full line of magnetic level gauges and magnetic level indicators, steam level indicators, and liquid level indicators.

Have a williamson gas fired steam boiler and the water level

Have a williamson gas fired steam boiler and the water level in the gauge glass assembly is over the full mark(full to - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician

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Boiler Water Gages For Pressure 900 to 1600 W.S.P. IOM: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions For Jerguson 900# B Boiler Water Gage. Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions For Jerguson 1600# B Boiler Water Gage. Drawings: Jerguson Boiler Gage Assembly, One Section Up to 900#

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Conbraco 20-104-00 - 1/2" Gauge Glass Set - Standard Pattern Bronze Water Gauges Pipe Size: 1/2" Glass O.D. & Length: 5/8" x 12" * Free slots for orders with