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Dec 25, 2018 · Lamont boiler is a high pressure, forced circulation, water tube boiler with internally fired furnace. An external pump is used to circulate the water within small diameter water tubes of the boiler .

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Mar 07, 2018 · (IN HINDI)Hello friends, Welcome to AB classes,MECHANICAL,La-mont Boiler Construction and Working explain with diagram and for exam purpose theory, Link boil

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Generally the Phosphate dozing is done in the drum of the boiler. it helps to convert the calcium hard salts to soft sludges. the sludges are higher in weight ,so it comes to the bottem of the


The purpose of any boiler control system is to provide safe, efficient operation of the boiler at the desired output without the need for constant operator supervision. This means that the combustion process inside the furnace must be controlled as well as-: the steam conditions at the boiler outlet. The boiler must be able to

Lamont Boiler In Hindi Description

2012-5-9·Lamont may attempt to lay down an encouraging market for the industry. With the Gulf war over and interest rates drifting down, he may feel that a *fartherer (further,1.000) * half percent interest rate cut coinciding with the budget will put the motor industry and its customers in a more confident mood .

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High pressure boiler [Pressure greater than 80 bar] 5. According to the method of water circulation . a. Natural circulation [all low pressure boilers] [ Cochran Boiler] b. Forced circulation [all high pressure boilers] [ LaMont Boiler] 6. According to the use of the boiler . a. Stationary boiler [Cochran Boiler] b. Mobile boiler [Locomotive

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12.8.4 Waste Heat Boilers. Process heat recovery boilers, or waste heat boilers, are widely used, particularly on ethylene and ammonia plants and on sulfuric acid and nitric acid plants. This type of boiler has developed as a cross between a conventional shell-and-tube heat exchanger and a firetube boiler. Get a Quote

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What is a Boiler: Introduction to Boilers A boiler is an enclosed vessel that provides a means for combustion and transfers heat to water until it becomes hot water or steam. The hot water or steam under pressure is then usable for transferring the heat to a process.

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Design of LaMont Boiler | Components | Steam Power Plant | Energy Management. This boiler works on a forced circulation and the circulation is maintained by a centrifugal pump, driven by a steam turbine using steam from the boiler. For emergency an electrically driven pump is also fitted. Fig. 12.22 shows a LaMont steam boiler.

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The LaMont boiler is a once-through or semi-flash boiler in which the boiler water is circulated by means of a pump through long closely spaced tubes of small diameter. The tubes end in a steam separating drum where the emulsion of steam and water separates. The LaMont boilers require powerful pumps for the forced circulation of the boiler water.

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Lamont boiler Benson boiler Velox boiler Loeffler boiler The enthalpy of vaporization is minimum at Absolute zero 373oK Critical temperature Triple point Forced circulation of water takes place in Locomotive boiler Lamont boiler Babcock-wilcox boiler Stirling boiler Circulation of water is by natural convention currents in Lamont boiler Benson


Boiler configurations. There are two main types of steam boilers, both of which are uniquely specific, known as fire tube and water tube boilers. The configurations of these boilers control how they operate and affect the entire steam boiler system. In a fire tube boiler, there are metal rods that pass through the center of the water vessel. Learn More

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Loeffler Boiler is the extension of the LaMont boiler. In the LaMont boiler, there was a major difficulty experienced that is. Read more. Thermal Engineering .

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Jul 30, 2019 · Boiler Economiser ( Also Called boiler economizer ) is the Energy improving device that helps to reduce the cost of operation by saving the fuel and to make the system more energy efficient. We Make Economiser for Boiler with high quality functions & energy saving.

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Definition of Boilers - Definition of Boilers Boiler Vessel that heats water to become hot water or steam At atmospheric pressure water volume increases 1,600 times Hot water or steam used | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view.

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Lamont Boiler is a water tube boiler that has an internally fired furnace, high pressure, forced water circulation system. As I say, a forced water circulation system and for this reason, an external pump is used to circulate the water system within the small diameter water tubes of this boiler.

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Boiler Types and Classifications - Wiki - odesie by '''Boiler'''- An enclosed vessel in which water is heated and circulated, either as hot water or as steam, for heating or power. A container, such as a kettle, is used for boiling liquids.

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Mar 13, 2016 · Lamont boiler is a forced circulation, internally fired water tube boiler. The fuel is burn inside the boiler and the water is circulating by a centrifugal pump through evaporator tubes. The working of this boiler is as follow.

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Description: This is a 15-question test on ‘Steam: Generation, Engines and Turbines’ under a series of tests of Mechanical Engineering which is attributed to Competitive Examination Preparations e.g. IAS (Optional), GATE, IES etc.

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Read more about Lamont-HTHW. Serving Utility, Industrial, and Commercial Markets. Products. Lamont-HTHW Watertube Boiler. Products > Lamont HTHW > Lamont-HTHW.

Classification of boilers

High pressure boiler [Pressure greater than 80 bar] 5. According to the method of water circulation . a. Natural circulation [all low pressure boilers] [ Cochran Boiler] b. Forced circulation [all high pressure boilers] [ LaMont Boiler] 6. According to the use of the boiler . a. Stationary boiler [Cochran Boiler] b. Mobile boiler [Locomotive Boiler] 7.

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A LaMont boiler is a type of forced circulation water-tube boiler in which the boiler water is circulated through an external pump through long closely spaced tubes of small diameter. The mechanical pump is employed in order to have an adequate and positive circulation in steam and hot water boilers.

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A larger Boiler (saturated vapor, 14 bar) for a 10hp cont. output at the engine crank, will end up in the 10.000€ already. Downsizing is possible by overheating only, and that means (as a rule of thumb) half the size, double the cost!

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Dec 14, 2008 · there are two types of boilers water tube and fire tube. fire tube boilers are divided in to two categories vertical and horizontal. this according to the construction of fire tubes. it is said

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Nov 09, 2016 · On this channel you can get education and knowledge for general issues and topics

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George Nutz, in white hat and white shirt, was the designer of this boiler. The genius of the design was in the dc motor powered centrifugal circulating pump that had very good seals and thus low current draw.

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LaMont Boiler A forced circulation boiler was first introduced in 1925 by La Mont. The circulation is maintained by a centrifugal pump. The feed water is supplied to a steam drum (boiler) through the economizers. Sensible heat is supplied to the feed water when passing through the economizer.

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High Pressure and Low pressure Boilers: The boilers which produce steam at pressures of 80 bar and above are called high-pressure boilers Example Babcock & Wilcox, Velox, Lamont, Benson boilers. The pressure below 80 bar in a boiler is called low-pressure boilers Example; Cochran, Cornish, Lancashire, Locomotive etc.


This book describes a packaged boiler water or High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) powered water heater which is a stationary, self contained unit. The complete assembly on a standard unit consists of the storage tank, immersion heating coil, and an ASME rated combination temperature and pressure safety relief valve.


The Lamont boiler concept was lighter, safer, with much higher rates of heat transfer and evaporation per square foot than standard water tube boilers of his time. A large Lamont boiler of 100,000 pounds per hour of evaporation could be started in 15-20 minutes from cold and was ideal for peak overload conditions and was unaffected by high water salt content.

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This Cuisinart egg boiler is made of BPA-free plastic parts and sports an attractive brushed stainless-steel lid. However, with its compact dimensions (6 inches high and 5.2 inches wide), you can easily tuck it away in a cupboard or closet. It has built-in storage space for the electric cord on its base, which is helpful.

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The boiler operator is the key to safe boiler operations. Having knowledge about boiler systems and maintenance can ensure years of safe, reliable service. History has shown that without proper operation and maintenance, boiler conditions and safety deteriorate causing potential hazards due to neglect and misunderstanding.


Lamont Boiler: Lamont Boiler It is a water tube, forced circulation and externally fired high pressure boiler. Working: • Feed water is pumped to the boiler by the feed pump through the economiser . • Economiser preheats the feed water by using hot gases leaving the boiler.

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Dec 14, 2008 · Boiler power is not determined in megawatts. A boiler horsepower is determined as 33000 btus. That is equivalent to 34.5 pounds of steam from and at 212 F. Conversion of boiler conditions (factor

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Description Edit. The Lancashire boiler is similar to the Cornish, but has two large flues containing the fires instead of one. It is generally considered to be the invention of William Fairbairn in 1844, although his patent was for the method of firing the furnaces alternately, so as to reduce smoke, rather than the boiler itself.


Water enters the boiler as a compressed liquid at state 2 and leaves as a superheated vapor at state 3. The boiler is basically a large heat exchanger where the heat originating from combustion gases, is transferred to the water essentially at constant pressure. The boiler together with the section

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(j) Description and principles of strokers, pulverizers, gas. Oil and pulverized fuel systems. (k) Cleaning method of boiler, PH value of water. (l) Detect defects in boiler and remedial measures. (m) Start up of boiler. (n) Economiser. (o) Fuel economy and Instrumentation of boiler. (p) Materials used for construction of boiler and piping.

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A Soxhlet extractor is a piece of laboratory apparatus invented in 1879 by Franz von Soxhlet. It was originally designed for the extraction of a lipid from a solid material. Typically, Soxhlet extraction is used when the desired compound has a limited solubility in a solvent, and the impurity is insoluble in that solvent. It allows for unmonitored and unmanaged operation while efficiently recycling a small amount of solvent to dissolve a larger amount of material.

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Nov 25, 2015 · About Locomotive boilers : • Locomotive boiler is a horizontal fire tube type mobile boiler. The main requirement of this boiler is that it should produce steam at a very high rate. Therefore, this boiler requires a large amount of heating surface and large grate area to burn coal at a rapid rate.