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Lincat FilterFlow Automatic Water Boiler EB3FX. If your restaurant, hotel, or café requires on-demand boiling water to run as smoothly as possible, look no further than the excellent manual- and auto-fill water heaters in our comprehensive range. Whether you require a unit that produces a few litres of boiling water an hour or several dozen,

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Automatic Water Boilers - Single Tap The full range of single tap automatic catering water boilers from Cater-Brew , Lincat , Instanta , Parry , Burco , Marco , Calomax , Bravilor & Buffalo , all at unbeatable prices.

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Water Boiler 30Ltr Manual Fill Fully commercial and with a powerful 2600W concealed element and 30 litre capacity, the Buffalo manual fill water boiler is perfect for B&Bs, mobile caterers, staff rooms, or anywhere water is required to be boiled wi £124.99

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This 5 Litre Eco Boilers is perfect for a range of catering locations, including hotels, kitchens, offices, coffee shops and canteens. compact, highly stylish and energy efficient.

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Quest 35670 Catering Hot Water Tea Urn Instant Water Heater, Boiler and Dispenser, 20 Litres, 2500W, 63cm x 35.8cm x 35.2cm 3.4 out of 5 stars 102 £69.00 £ 69 . 00 £129.99 £129.99

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Our water boilers to hire are in excellent condition and are always fully tested prior to dispatch to ensure that you are hiring catering equipment in full working order. As part of our water boiler range of equipment, we offer electrical water boilers for hire, with 20 litre and 30 litre volume capacity as well as offering LPG gas water boilers to hire with a 20 litre volume.

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Water Boilers Lockhart Catering Equipment are one of the leading distributors of water boilers in the UK. With over 40 water boilers to choose from, you will have no trouble finding the water boiler you need for your business.

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The best range of professional hot water boilers - by the UK's leading hospitality supplier, Matthew Algie. For front or back of house - perfect for hotels or high-volume venues. Available to rent or buy.

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Precise and energy-efficient undercounter and countertop water boilers for all foodservice, catering and speciality needs. Search All categories Hot/Cold/Sparkling Water Hot/Cold Hot/Cold/Sparkling Uncategorized Water Boilers MIX Range Eco Range Counter Top Eco Range Undercounter Über Boiler Spare Parts Coffee Brewers QwikBrew SP 9 BRU Jet Search

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Commercial water boilers are ideal when you need large quantities of on-tap piping hot water. Whether you're running a mobile catering business or a busy café during the morning rush, most caterers benefit from using one of these powerful and reliable appliances to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even soup.

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Please refer to the user manual. If you don’t have one to hand, you can find the relevant manual by visiting the relevant page via the link below.

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Our range of commercial catering boilers, from leading trusted manufacturers Instanta and Parry Catering are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit your requirements and offer a steady, reliable supply of fresh and hygienic boiling water on tap.

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A hot water boiler, also called a hydronic boiler, can provide reliable and affordable heat throughout your home or office. View our hydronic boiler offerings below and read our boiler buying guide for more information.

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Catering Water boilers & catering water urns. We don't think you'll find any of our catering water boilers cheaper anywhere else. We regularly check our competitors prices so we can offer the best prices with confidence. If you find any of our water boilers cheaper anywhere else then please let us know.

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Efficient both in its use of space and in its use of energy, the high-powered FilterFlow Automatic Water Boiler is perfect for busy staff rooms and anywhere where employees have to wait for the kettle to boil.

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Visit Instanta, the leading providers in commercial water boilers. Visit our website for a full range of wall mounted boilers, under-counter boilers & chillers.

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The water boiler is the most important asset to your catering business. We supply fast and reliable water boilers for everyday demands. Available at a quality price at Gecko catering equipment.

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Buying a Catering Water Boiler. If you’re offering tea, coffee or other hot drinks, a professional water boiler helps you to keep a constant supply of piping hot water on tap. However, it’s not always easy to know which is best for your business, so we’ve put together this easy to follow guide to help you make an informed decision.

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Water boilers are the heart of any kitchen that is expected to have on-tap piping hot drinking water to hand. It’s ideal for those running any type of mobile catering business or a hectic daytime cafe where time is of the essence and customers need to be served hot beverages quickly.

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water boiler catering equipment #1 commercial LPG parry tea urn/water boiler/water in full working condition i have fully tested it out just missing drip tray. this is for a 8l hot water boiler or tea urn, great for when you need extra quantity of boiling water.

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Catering Appliance Superstore stocks water boilers with a huge range of capacities from 3ltr to 135ltr, and with single tap and twin tap models, some with hot and cold filtered water available from the same unit, or features like steam taps, seven day timers and push button operation.

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Homepage / Products / Water Boilers Water Boilers Quality hot water is on tap 24/7, meaning that hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate can now be made in seconds — with plenty of hot water to go around, and no need to wait for a kettle to boil.


STRIX BOILER ELEMENT SAFETY CUTOUT. This fixed price listing is for 1 x Strix Element Connector / Safety Cut Off as shown in the item picture below. Fits various models of Burco appliances including: Burco Boiler Catering Urn: C10E Diameter: 45mm Hole Diameters: 6mm Height: 30mm We also stock various other parts for various Burco appliances.

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Instanta Wall Mounted Water Boiler Model WA2N 2 KW 2.5Ltr £ 409.50 Specifications: 2kW, 2.5 litre rapid draw-off (15 cups) Hourly output = 18 litres (108 cups) Heat up time in minutes:15 For customers who are working to a budget and want Instanta quality and reliability but with slightly lower specification and style.

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Water Boilers With over 17 years of experience, we have developed and refined our commercial Water Boilers and urns, making them perfect for anything from mobile catering to residential care homes. Buffalo Water Boilers come in a variety of sizes and are available in automatic or manual fill models.

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All kinds of businesses can benefit from a catering water boiler from catering businesses to offices to customer showrooms. Whether used to make tea, coffee or pot noodles in the staff canteen at Hopkins we have all the top commercial brands.

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Marco T10 Automatic Water Boiler Unique built in filtration ensures premium water quality and reduced scale build up. Reduced limescale means for better use. Available at a quality price at Gecko catering equipment.

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Water Boilers & Hot Water Dispensers at Adexa Direct - a leading supplier of catering & kitchen equipment in the UK offering the largets range, free shipping and unbeatable prices.

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Water boilers are essential pieces of catering equipment within a commercial kitchen, see how a commercial water boiler can benefit your business.

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Drinking water boilers are an efficient way of providing instant boiling water in staff kitchens and breakout rooms, making fast work of the tea round.

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Catering water boilers are large water boilers used to make tea and coffee. They can be placed in the dining area for customer to as self-service or in the main kitchen. Our water boilers come in different sizes depending on the amount of water you require and can also be hung on the wall or simply placed on the counter top.

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Hot water dispensers, on the other hand, are smaller and often portable. Dispensers are the better choice for a smaller operation or self-serve environment, where water boilers are best-suited for placement in the back of the house. Portable hot water dispensers are a popular choice for hotel breakfast rooms, catering services and cafeterias.

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Marco Water Boilers We offer a wide range of water boilers to suit all catering equipment, foodservice and speciality beverage needs. Available in countertop and undercounter variants, our water boilers are precise, energy-efficient and designed to take up minimal counter space.

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Commercial Water Boilers & Catering Urns provide a constant supply of boiling water for when hot beverages are in high demand. Water boilers are perfect for large supplies of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and soups for cafe's restaurants of caterers. We offer a 2 Year warranty on all our commercial water boilers. Extensive range available from leading brands including Lincat, Instanta & Buffalo.

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Reliability. On Tap. Whatever your requirements, we have a product to suit your needs offering all the features and performance you would only expect from the leading water boiler brand.

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Boilers Plumbed-in Drinking Water Boilers provide instant, filtered, boiling water direct from your mains water supply and are a cost effective and far more efficient alternative to using kettles in the workplace. For example, it takes 4 minutes to boil a kettle.

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Water boilers do not take long to bring water to boil and will maintain it hot for a long time. Besides, they are easy and safe to use. Due to a variety of water boiler models available on the market, everyone can find a suitable unit that will cater to their household needs.

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For the best value commercial catering equipment online in the UK, keep checking back on our website www.ecatering.co.uk. We offer some of the lowest prices around and all the items are despatched same day if orders are placed before 12 noon, so that you can receive the goods you need as soon as possible.